Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Drunk Tears Out Sewerage in Jail

This story is from The Ypsilanti Daily Press of Tuesday, April 16, 1907.

Michael Smith known as Julius Smith was arrested yesterday charged with being a drunkard and tippler, first offense. In jail he gave an imitation of Carrie Nation.

He defied Officer Ryan, who warned him to get off the street. He attempted to show his pugilistic ability but was carried off to jail in a hack.

There he tore up the sewerage and broke all available furniture. Consequently, Deputy Sheriff Westfall took him to Ann Arbor last evening.

He was arraigned before the justice this morning and was fined $10 and $7.41 costs or 15 days in jail.

This jail sewerage, which was just recently installed, seems to be fated. A week ago a man named Martin Miller proved himsefl a destructive element by likewise tearing up the plaumming


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