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Find "Happy" Very Sick Man

The following story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Friday, March 8, 1907.

Sleeping on rude trunks which he fitted up for his bed, and scantily covered with layers of burlap, that odd genius, popularly known as “Happy Hooligan,” was found in a bare, cheerless room in the Union block, ill with pneumonia. Today, under orders of the city physician, he was removed to the county house for treatment.

“The man is undoubtedly insane,” said the city physician to the Daily Press. “He was refused admittance to the University of Michigan Hospital, and fearing that he delay in getting him admitted to the asylum in Pontiac might be fatal, we removed him to the county house. With good treatment he will likely recover.”

Chief of Police Gage says that he man had a little fuel when he arrived. He had some bread and milk for food. He became delirious and threatened to shoot his attendant with a revolver. The weapon was taken from him.

“Happy” is a sign painter. He strayed into town several years ago. No one knows where he came from. Neither is his real name known. Chief Gage says that it is Harry Roman. That is the name he places on his signs. Another man told the Press that he once made out a check for him and “Happy” hesitated when asked what name should be written in. He finally said Leslie, but gave no initials.

Hooligan is about 40 years of age. He is slender and delicate-looking, with a pale face, and a sandy mustache. He wears a small gray hat.

“Happy” caries a big tin watch which he prizes highly. He tells that it was owned by one of his ancestors, whom he claims, was a duke.

Prize fighting is “Happy’s” hobby. He isn’t a fighter but he knows all about the fast ones that wear gloves. He keeps a scrap book in which he pastes newspaper accounts of all the big fights. He likes to quote scripture, too. He is pretty well versed in the bible.

“Happy” wears a leather belt to which is attached a plate. On the plate are initials, and the information that in case of death word should be sent to a bureau in Philadelphia, where he can be identified.

He always had a roll of bills, and boasted that he wasn’t broke.


At 8:03 AM, Blogger James said...

The name "Happy Hooligan" most likely comes from apopular comic strip of the day.


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