Friday, January 12, 2007

Dropped dead while hitching up horse

This story appered in The Ypsilanti Daily Press of Tuesday, January 11, 1907.

Wm. Fuller dropped ded yesterday while hitching up his horse to return to his home in the country, after having attended the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Allen (of Willis).

Mr. and Mrs. Fuller had been guests at this event and the latter had gone to the barn to hitch up his horse. The guest had just genially slapped his host upon the back and bid him farewell and Mr. Allen had started toward his dwelling, when upon turning around he found that Mr. Fuller lay dead upon the ground.

Dr. Smith of Willis was immediately called, who pronounced his death either due to heart failure or apoplexy.

It is stated that Mr. Fuller had not been in his usual good health for the past two or three months, but that with this exception he had never known what sickness was.


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