Sunday, November 12, 2006

Runaway horses

This story was published by The Ypsilantian on Thursday, November 12, 1891.

tuesday forenoon, while Mr James Wile of Sheldon, who own a beautiful black team of spirited breed and frisky age was unloading his produce near Harris Bro.'s grocery on Washington street, the horses suddenly took fright and lit out at a tearing pace. Near Mr. Peter Carpenter's residence they collided with an elecric light pole and the light pole came out second best. It was broken in two pieces and the stump was pulled out bodily. The neckyoke was broken, and the tongue dropping plowed up the ground at the team continued to run, till it finally ran under the cross walk at the junction of Huron and Washington streets where the wagon became detached. The team with the air of horses returning from a fire, was finaly caught and brought back, none the worse for their exercise. No one was hurt and very little damage done.


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