Sunday, June 18, 2006

Speaker, guide and researcher

I hope I will be excused for indulging in a little self promotion, as I wish to remind everyone that my professional services are available as a speaker, tour guild and researcher. My terms are reasonable I think, as I am willing to work things out.

A few weeks ago, I gave a walking tour of Depot Town to a group of retired school librarians. I talked about the Thompson Block, the Depot, the first train to Ypsilanti, and the Lewis Horse Exchange. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. One librarian said later, “I learned something.” For this service, I received a free lunch at the Sidetrack.

In the past I have given tours of Depot Town, Highland Cemetery, and a Ghost Tour of the east side. I have also given bus tours of the city. I usually charge $5.00 per person for a tour.

The other week I was the guest speaker for a class of third graders in a local school. I told the students historical accurate ghost stories and tales of local murder. All through the talk they squirmed in their seats holding their hands up to ask questions and make commits. I had a great time, and the students seemed to enjoy themselves as well. For this service I received cookies. The usual speakers fee is $50.

I am also available as a researcher and writer on subjects of local interest, such as the history of a house or building, a person, or the story of an event from the past. I charge $35 per hour, and a cash advance is welcomed.

Anyone interested in contacting me about a talk, tour, or research project should do so by way of email, :


At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Terrie said...

Hello. I'm hoping you can help me figure out a riddle. My friend bought one of your books at the Tuesday Farmer's Market in Ypsilanti this summer. You signed it for her. (It is a Christmas present for her husband.)
She was so excited to get this book for her husband. The thing is I can't remember which book it is, and now she's passed away. Her mom has looked in her things and can't find it. Did you bring all of your books to the market, or just one? Would you by any chance remember a young woman with short hair at the market? I know it is a long shot, but any help you could provide would be so much appreciated. Also, if we do figure out which book, what is the best way to buy it from you?


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