Saturday, April 15, 2006

More News from April of 1896

The following appeared in The Ypsilantian of Thursday, April 23, 1896.

Several slight accidents have happened to bicycle riders lately, all because the riders did not pay attention to the long established rule of "keeping to the right." If all persons driving or riding would adhere strickly to this rule, collisions would be next to impossible. Also if pedestrians would learn to igore the ever present bike and keep going right along, the rider will have no trouble in doing the turning out for both parties.

A few days ago a farmer drove into town and tied his horse in front of Crane's grocery store. To his surprise, a hen flew out of the buggy and started on a century run down the street. On investigation, a nest of eggs was found under the seat, the hen having selected that spot for the starting of a small chicken factory. The farmer paid a boy ten cents to catch the hen, tied her fast in the buggy and took her home

Last Thursday night fire was discovered in the barn of the Ypsilanti Lumber Co., and in spite of the objections raised by the fire department, the building was destroyed. Fortunately, the horses,wagons and harness were saved. Three firemen were working on the second floor when it gave way, giving them a sudden drop to the first floor. "Hay, there," howled fireman Kent, as he found himself buried under five or six feet of dried grass. After numerous jabs from pitchforks, he was released. The loss is estimated at $450, with $350 insurance.


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