Saturday, April 15, 2006

News from April of 1896

The following is from The Ypsilantian of Thursday, April 16, 1896.

Strange, what serious consequences often follow seemingly trivial occurrences. About two weeks ago Fred, the eleven year old son of C. F. Reinhart, looked at the sun through a piece of yellow glass, without apparent injury at the time. A few days later his eye-sight began to fail him, and an examination proved that the optic nerve was paraluzed, and is almost sure to result in the total destruction of his sight.

Joe McGrath is sicerely wishing that bicycle tires would stay where they are put, and not come off and couse the riders to fall and dislocate their collar bones, as he did last Sunday.

The finiliar click of the lawn mower is again to be heard in the land.

Several important changes are being made in Light Guard hall, by meands of which said hall will be fitted for the production of plays requiring not more three carloads of scenery. For what we are about to receive, let us be thankful.


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