Friday, June 30, 2006

Obstruction flagged train

The following story appeared in The Ypsilanti daily Press of Thursday, June 28, 1906.

Passengers on the 9:35 train last night can congratulate themselves that they are in good repair this morning. Late yesterday afternoon a large bolder on a moving train fell off the flat car upon which it was loaded, near the Ypsilanti Paper Company's mill, making several bounds through the air and landing on the opposite track. The mass of steel settled upon the track in such a manner that the circuit of electricity was complete, and the single stooped the 9:35 train, else the train would have struck the obstruction, going possibly at 60 miles an hour. This would undoubtedly have caused a wreck.

As the train slacked up heads protruded from the coaches in anxious inquiry. The conductor and other trainmen removed the obstacle with pries and bars, and it was fully an hour before the train proceeded.


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