Thursday, February 01, 2007

Loses hand in grinder

This story appeared in The Ypsilanti Record of Thursday, February 1, 1917.

The past week was productive of three bad accidents, all occurring while the victims were engaged in their daily work.
George Meyer, of Michigan avenue east, was the most seriously injured. His injury occurred Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock, when his left hand was ground off in a power meat chopper.
While at work his fingers were caught in the spiral gear and drawn into the machine, which could not be stopped until the fingers were entirely torn off. In dressing it surgeons had to take the hand off half-way of the palm, and only the thumb is left. The injury was more painful from the fact the cords in the arm were drawn out of place, one being pulled from the elbow down
Simon Nissly, of South Adams Street, superintendent and designer of the plant of the Scharf Tag and Label Company, on Tuesday afternoon got his right foot crushed. The arch was broken down, but recovery is possible without amputation.
In assisting in moving a heavy die cutting machine, the machine slipped from a roller and onto his foot, crushing it to the floor.
Fred Foerster, 52 East Cross street, an employee of the Thompson Brothers factory, on Saturday lost the little finger of his left hand when he got his hand into a sticker.
Dr. Howard Post, who was taken to an Ann Arbor hospital a week ago for treatment, is suffering from an abscess due to an injury of several weeks ago. He at that time was inspecting a new barn in the country before the floor was laid. A board tipped and he fell breaking three ribs. An abscess eventually formed. Since going to the hospital he has improved nicely.


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