Monday, January 15, 2007

Chimney causes fire in Fletcher building today

This story was published by theDaily Ypsilanti Press of Saturday, January 15, 1927.

Fire discovered in the Fletcher and Fietcher building (130 West Michigan) by Morris Mallion and George Sanders, two members of the city fire department off duty today, caused small damage to the floor between the second and third stories, but practically no damage to stock.

Smoke issuing through an upper window attracted the attention of the firemen who turned in the alarm at 9 o’clock.

A defective chimney is considered responsible. A spark ignited the floor and flames were burning there way through to the third floor when the fire was discovered, damage was confined to the one section of the floor, just over the office maintained by the firm in the center of the building.

Damage from smoke is negligible, as the third floor, where most of the smoke poured to, is not used. Some water leaked to the first floor, but canvassed were secured and spread over stock as soon as the fire was discovered. But very little water ran through to the first floor.

The fire department worked about an hour and a half before being certain every spark had been extinguished, and danger on fire breaking out again was eliminated.

Insurance is carried on the building, which is owned by Fietcher and Fletcher. The store was open for business at 1 o’clock this afternoon.

(Fletcher and Fietcher were a clothing and Men’s furnishing store.)


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