Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Suicides by taking acid

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record of Thursday, February 8, 1917.

Death by sucide came to Mrs. Florence Schroeger, residing in the rooms in the second story over the Daily Press office, corner Michigan avenue and Adams street, thuesday about 2 o'clock. An ounce of carbolic acid swallowed with intent to take her own life was the cause.

Doctors Hull and Clifford were summoned shortly after the dose was taken, but it was impossible to give her relief and death soon followed.

Mrs. Schroeger resided with ther mothe, Mrs. E. M. Curtis, and the mother is now left in charge of three small childern of the deceased. One of them has been ill with scarletina and the home has been under quarantine because of this fact.

In her youth Mrs. Schroeger was a leader in the younger set and was popular. She was adopted in infancy by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Curtis and took their name. The was twice married, first to Roy Coleman. Three childern wer born to them. Separation finally resulted and last summer Mrs. Coleman was married to A. J. Schroeger, who was at one time propietor of a garage on South Adams street. Later she accompanied him west, but returned recently with her childern to live with Mrs. Curtis.

Owing to the quarantine the funeral of Mrs. Schroege will be private. It will occur this afternoon.


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