Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Motorman, Thrown from top of car by electric shock

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record of Thursday, February 8, 1917.

Knocked from the top of a car which stood in the car shed at the interurban station on Washington street this morning, Frank Wilkinson, motorman, struck his head and shoulders on the steel rail below and sustained a fractured skull, concussion of the brain and several broken ribs. His condition is serious.

Wilkinson is a freight motorman. He went to the roof of his car which stood at the freight dock about mid-forernoon for the purpose of repairing a trolley. He carried a switch bar, and this he used to make a circuit by which he hoped to run his car out. A short-circuit resulted and he got the force of a heavy voltage of electricity.

Force of the current knocked him from the top of the car to the ground. Stricking on his head and shoulders, he suffered concussion of the brain, his collar-bone was broken, three ribs were broken, and from the hemorrage from his ears and nose which resulted, it is believed fracture of the skull took place.

Medical aid ws summoned and Wilkinson was removed to his home out East Michigan avenue, beyond the bridge. He has regained consciousness, but is in a serious condition. He is about 35 years of age and hs a wife.


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