Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Downtown Coffee House on Main

Can someone tell me what is going on with Downtown Coffee Shop on Main? This is on Michigan Ave., near Haab’s. The space occupied by the coffee shop in now up for sale, and as far as I can tell, was never open. I have never seen anyone in there, or a sign posting the hours of business. The display in the front window has held my interest for some time, as it is always changing and engaging. The interior of the shop looks more like an art project than a place of business.

So what is going on? Has it been open all this time, and I just missed it? Can someone please let me know?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interurban good-bye

This story was carried in the Ypsilanti Commercial of Friday, November 13, 1891.

It is said that just as the conductor (of an interurban) had signalled the motor to start on towards Ann Arbor from the Hamilton street crossing the other day, he beheld a Normal girl (that is a coed from the Normal College, now EMU)coming at full speed. He held the train until she arrived, when a U of M boy, her cousin (?), stepped off the rear platform, threw his embrace around her with a loud report, and boarded the train again. She said she was so glad she got there in time to see him; the conductor said something unsympathetic as he pulled the bell cord; everybody smiled with a roar, and the train moved on.