Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tour of the Bridge Road Water Treatment Plant

I consider my self lucky to have my name added to tose invited to take a tour of the Bridge Road Water Treatment Plant on Bridge Road, between Grove and Textile. The purpose of the tour was to give the Township Board a chance to see the building before deciding its future. There are those who wish to see the building demolished , and the land opened to development. Then there are those who wish to see the building renovated and put to some good use.

Entering the buuilding one sees the paint peeling from the doors and the thick layer of dust that covers everythiing. Broken glass litters the floor where vandals have smashed the windows. Shelves still hold the parts needed to maintain theplant. The parts are still there, because when the plant was closed in 1994, the workers locked the doors behind them and left everything in its place. There was a lively discussion of what the Township could get by selling the items, made of cast iron. The building is structurally sound, and there is no danger of the walls falling in any time soon. When this building was built, about 1940, it was built to last.

Behind the building is the water storage space, now empty, except for the occasional moouse, or other rodent. Past this are the two large blue storage tanks, but between these and the water storage space is another tank, this one underground, with a one million gallon capacity. There are also the smaller buildings on the grounds, the well buildings and the filter building. These to ar structurally sound and ready to be put to some good use.

The Water Treatment Plant building, I believe should be saved, renovated an dput to some good use that will benifit the community. I think it is in the perfect spot for a restaurant, or apartments. The community should be made aware of this resource in their midst, and rallied to the cause. Write a letter or email to the members of the Board of Trustees to say you want this building saved. There is still time to act.


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A valuable post. What is the email address, may I ask, to write to the Board of Trustees to support redevelopment of this site? --ypsidixit

At 7:15 AM, Anonymous James said...

I will look into that and post the information when I have it. You can also use the link to the Ypsilanti Township web page by way of the link on the Ypsidixit blog. In case you do not know, the Ypsixit blog is the best in the area.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Theresa said...

Thanks for your helpful post. The Courier reports:

"Township Clerk Brenda Stumbo said it might be best if the township went ahead with the demolition. She said the board had no idea what it would cost to renovate the building, but said a recent renovation for a fire station had cost $800,000. She added that there would probably be a lot of work involved, including removing water tanks inside.

'I see it as an eyesore right now,' Stumbo said.

Township Treasurer Larry Doe sided with Stumbo. He agreed that the cost for renovation might be very high, and added that the dam at the end of the lake itself was historical. He said the building was nothing special.

'There's not much to look at but bricks and mortar,' he said."

It seems like it might be best to contact Stumbo or Doe if this information is accurate.

When checking online, I couldn't find email for Stumbo. Her phone is (734) 484-4700 and she can be reached by snail mail:

Charter Township of Ypsilanti, Supervisor's office, 7200 South Huron River Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48197-7099

An email form goes to her office at

Larry Doe can be reached at Larry Doe at
(734) 484-1002 or

At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very helpful contact info, theresa, thank you. --ypsidixit

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