Monday, June 06, 2005

Royal Visit

Just north of Cross and River, just past the Depot, and across the tracks from the Freighthouse, where the parking lot is now, is where the once internationally known Michigan Central Gardens where planted. Every year the gardener, John Laidlaw, from 1891 until he retired in 1900, planted flowers in incredible patterns. The gardens were cotinued long after he retired, and was the scene of at least one touching event.

In about 1905 the Prince and Princes of Hohenlohe of Germany were touring the United States, and a stop at Ypsilanti was arranged. Once their special car had stopped near the Depot, the Prince and Princes stepped out, and the Princes was presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers from the garden. The Prince and Princes were touched, and, in the words of tourists everywhere, asked where they were.

"Ypsilanti," answered the station agent.

"Ypsilanti!" repeated the Prince, who asked that the train be held five minutes. Then he and the Princes hurried to the Depot to purchase a great number of postcards and addressed the cards to family in Europe. They then asked that the postmark be clearly stamped on the cards.

"You Americans do things so gracefully, and with such fine regard for the fitness of the occasion," said the Prince, as he boarded the train. "Before our marrage, Princes Hohenlohe was the Princes Ypsilanti of Greece, and your agent's knowledge of this fact and the clever manner in which he took advantage of the opportunity touches us deeply."

The blushing agent stammered a reply, not having the courage to tell the Prince no one present had known his wife had been the Princes Ypsilanti.


At 1:52 AM, Blogger Andy said...

But I want to be Princess Ypsilanti!

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous James said...

Dear Andy,

I wish you the best of luck in making this dream come true.


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