Sunday, June 12, 2005

Shocking Casualty

This story is from The Ypsilantian of Thursday, June 12, 1890.

One of the most distreesing tragedies that has occured here in many years, transpired at the M. C. depot in this city yesterday morning. Charles Lappeus, who has served as conductor of the switch engine at this station for the past five or six years, while engaged in coupling cars in the yard about half past 8 o'clock in some manner fell under the wheels and was so crushed that he died soon afterward. Just how it occurred is not known. They were having considerable difficulty with cupling, and he was assisted the the switchman. There had been considerable starting and backing, and the engineer did not think he moved the engine so much as a foot, when the accident occurred, but the slack in the train must have increased the movement, and the wheels passed over the unforunate man's body below the waist. He was conscious of his situation when extricated, and asked for a doctor, but expired in about an hour.

The family so rudly bereft, consists of Mrs. Lappeus and four young childern. They live on Oak street, a few doors west of Prospect. The blow which falls upon them with such cruel weight and suddenness, calls for the tender the helpful sympathy which this community is always ready to extend--and peculiarly so because Mrs. Lappeus is crippled, and only able to move about on crutches.


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