Friday, August 12, 2005

Had to do some hard pumping

This story was published by teh Ypsilanti Daily Press on Thursday,August 15, 1905.

It might be all right to be on the wagon, but there are several gentlemen in Ypsilanti today who have strenuous objections to going back on the water pump, where they put in a good share of the past night.

This week the excavations in the alley back of the store which is to be occupied by Davis & Kislar, were made. The excavation is several feet wide and as deep as the celler bottem, and as fast as possible a new wall was being erected for the new enterence to the second story of the building. Last night with the heavy rains the water from Congress (Michigan AVe.) and Washington, as well as all the water from the block of buildings along Congress on this side of the street, was poured into this alley, whith the result that the catch basin at Huron street, which was already partly filled up, was not able to carry it off. This deluge of water then poured over the side of the exvation, breaking down the wall and rolling a torrent into the basement of the store. Thr accident happened about 7 o'clock and by good fortune the proprietors were in the store and at once went to work to move their stock, which is housed in the basement, to the highest part of the store. About this time Mayor Gaudy appeared on the scene and together with Supt. Blanchard the pump used in keeping water back when sewer excavations are being made was put in commission and the water which had reached a height of six or seven inches in the basement was kept down finally lowered so that no damage was done the stock, but to accomplish this it took two men at the pumps constantly until after 1 o'clock thia morning.

Among those who are willing to testify that it is hard work pumping on a steady stretch for some hours and will probably be voting to increase the dily wage of the men who man the pump on ordinary occasions, are Attorney W. B. Hatch, and Messrs. Guy Davis and W.L. Kishlar. At 1o'clock, when the deluge had somewhat subsided and the water in the basement was considerably lower, these gentlement went home, leaving the matter in the hands of the night watch to call help if the rain began again.


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