Monday, July 25, 2005

The School Administrator's Dilemma

I found this in the Eastern Michigan University Archives, and am now sharing it with you know.

If he's freindly with the clerical staff, he's a politician.
If he keeps to himself, he's a snob.

If he makes decisions quickly, he's arbitrry.
If he doesn't have an immediate answer, he can't make up his mind.

If he works on a day-to-day basis, he lacks foresight.
If he haslong-range plans, he's a daydreamer.

If his name appears in the newspapers, he's a publicity hound.
If no one has ever heard of him, he's a nonentity.

If he requests a large budget, he is against economy.
If he doesn't ask for more money, he's a timid soul (or stark mad).

If he tries to eliminate red tape, he has no regard for the system.
If he insists on going through channels, he's a bureaucrat.

If he speaks the language of education, he's a cliche expert.
If he doesn't use the jargon, he's illiterate.

If he's late for work in the morning, he's taking advantage of his position.
If he gets to the office on time, he's an eager beaver.

If the office is running smoothly, he is a dictator.
If the office is a mess, he's a poor administator.

If he holds weekly staff meetings, he's in desperate need of ideas.
if he doesn't hold staff meetings, he doesn't appreciate the vlue of teamwork.

If he spends a lot of time with the Board, he's a back-slapper.
If he's never wtih the board, he's on the way out.

If he goes to conventiions, he's on the grave train.
If he never makes a trip, he's not important.

If he tries to get additional personal, he's an empire builder.
If he doesn't want more assistants, he's a slave driver.

If he takes his briefcase home, he't trying to impress the Board.
If he leaves the office without any homework, he has a sinecure.

If he enjoys reading this description, he's facetious.
If he doesn't think it's clever, well, fe's entitled to his own opinion.


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