Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sad Story

The following is from The Ypsilanit Daily Press of Friday, April 8, 1910. It is a sad story made interesting in part by what it dose not say.

WEll Known Ypsilati Lady in Moment of Insanity Takes Her Life By Strangulation.

Miss Edna Sweet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sweet residient five miles south of Ypsilanti took her life by hanging with a piece of clothesline Thursday afternoon at the residence of her aunt, Mrs. Eva Barrowcliff, on North Prospect street. She was 28 years of age.

Miss Sweet had been ill for about four years past and since January had been in a hospital a part of the time. During six weeks in the winter she was in Chicago undergoing treatment and had only been home a short time when her parents decided upon a trail treatment in Detroit. She was taken to Harper's hospital accordingly on Monday and was prepared for an operation, which physicians believed would relieve the diffficulity, but when the time came for the operation she refused to allow it. Nothing further coould be done and her brother, Nelson brought her home Thursday afternoon. They left the street car at Prospect street and went to the home of their anut, Mrs. Barrowcliff, to await the arrival of their father who was to take them home. After they had been there a short time Miss Sweet left the house. When a few minutes had passed and she failed to return, Mrs. Barrowcliff became anxous about her and started in search. She failed to get any answer to her calls and upon looking through the window of an outbuilding in the reat of the house was horrified to behold her niece hanging dead from a piece of clothline which she had cut with a knife taken from the kitchen when she left the house.

Nelson Sweet was informed of the act but before the victume could be relieved sahe had strangled so that recovery was beyond hope. The father arrived a short time later and was terribly shocked at the sad news of his daughter's awful deed.

Mis Sweet attended school in Ypsilanti but was compelled to leave before graduating on account of poor health. She was a bright student and an accomplished writer having composed several interesting poems and short articles.

After her long suffering from poor health her mind finally becme at times weakened and it was for this trouble that the operation was to have been performed. Her extreme condition of nervous excitement is thought to have again unbalanced her mind Thursday afternoon resulting in her death.

The funeral will be held at the Sweet home south of the city Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and interment will take place in Udell cemetery.


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They knew nothing of mental illness in those days. There was really no help for her.

I note they took a streetcar to Prospect? James, do you know where this streetcar ran?--down Cross, or Forest, or maybe Michigan? --ypsidixit

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back again. OK, now, I really must ask you what did you mean by "what it does not say"? I'm curious. --ypsidixit

At 8:02 AM, Blogger James said...

The fails to tell us what the condidion was that caused the young woman to fall ill in the first place. We do not know if it was a sickness or depression. We are not even given a hint of the cause. It was a serious case, as it effected her for years, and lead her to kill herself.


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