Monday, May 09, 2005

Motorcycle awareness month

I say a sign on Grove Road Saturday evening proclaiming: May is Michigan Motorcycle Awareness Month. Look Stwice, Save a Life. I had begun to suspect something was up involving motorcycles that afternoon, while I was at the Farmers's Market. There was this sudden roar as what looked like a hundred motocycles went past on Cross Street. Someone at the Market said they were on their way to St. John's Cemetery on River Street, where one of their brothers is buried. Sure enough, the whole lline of motocycles turned north onto River Street toward the cemetery.

That evening I was driving down a road west of Ann Arbor and saw a second line of motocycles coming in the opposite direction. This group was not a large as the first, but it still was impressive. The rider of one motocycle appeared to me, to be trying to give his passenger a kiss, as they were doing 45 or 50 miles per hour on the road. Now that gave me a feeling of confidence.


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